Nationalpark and gourmet’s heaven.

Hidden gems: Baiersbronn stands for pleasure - from haute cuisine to the original forest experience – as the Nature Camp for example. Here visitors learn how to indulge and get along with nature. A ranger from the Black Forest National Park will guide you to a secret clearing for grilling and sleeping under the stars. They come back to pick up guests  after one or multiple nights - as chosen. It’s up to each guest to decide what will happen otherwise.


Baiersbronn in the Black Forest

Hiking paradise, gourmet Mecca, and wellness oasis

Panoramabild Baiersbronn

Tour suggestion for 2 days in Baiersbronn

Two days of premium hiking on Murgleiter trail Considered one of Germany‘s best premium hiking trails: Murgleiter, 110 km. The challenging multi-stage route follows the  eponymous Murg river. The trail passes through a valley rich in contrast, with tight cliff s and beautiful sweeping meadows. From the gate to the Murgtal valley in Gagganau, where the river is broad and tranquil, Murgleiter passes through fi ve stages to the source above Baierbronn.


Historical Buhlbach glass works

„The world drinks from this bottle!“ The glass hut where the German champagne bottle was invented now has a museum off ering insight into history, production, and lifestyle. For the whole family.

Murgels Playhouse

Murgel‘s Playhouse

Murgel is the the children‘s mascot of Baiersbronn, with his own playhouse open year round for young visitors and all his friends - spirits of water, air, and earth as well as a fire dragon all have their own fascinating zones.

Baiersbronn Classic

The Black Forest rally for connoisseurs is held every September, consisting of a three-day regularity rally with seldom-seen automotive classics at the start line and featuring a nostalgia festival and an award-winning gala dinner.

More Information

Baiersbronn Touristik
Rosenplatz 3
72270 Baiersbronn
Tel. 0049 (0) 7442.8414-90
Fax 0049 (0) 7442.8414-91

Not to be missed...

Highest indulgence - Top restaurants

Enjoy regional products from the Black Forest Naturpark:

National Park excursions and numerous workshops:

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