Fun, action, and relaxation.

Flora Giandalla, 35 Jahre


Adventures in GALAXY

Today is about pure action at family-friendly GALAXY, which promises great things. First up, it's time to explore the highlights of the waterslide universe. Enjoy the longest tyre slide in Baden-Württemberg, or the exciting races on Germany's longest four-lane mat slide.

At lunchtime, thirst for adventure will suppress hunger. A small ice cream is plenty to energise you before the fun continues.

After an exciting visit to the wave pool, you may feel in need of a short pause. In the GALAXY RELAX, treat yourself to a rest under the palm trees. Finally, it's time for the very best waterslides, which may require some courage. The "monster half pipe" towers above the large wave pool and guarantees thrills.

After the action, hunger finally takes over. The Galaxy Diner is a separate restaurant, offering delicious refreshments. Whether a juicy burger, or pasta with rich tomato sauce, there's something here for every waterslide hero.

Badeparadies, Titisee- Neustadt
Badeparadies, Titisee- Neustadt – © Badeparadies Schwarzwald
Icon Wellness

Day 2

Relaxing time out in the PALMENOASE

Where better to relax than under hundreds of real palm trees? Experience the real wow factor of those first steps into the PALMENOASE. The view of the "Blue Lagoon" is impressive and will make you feel like you’re on holiday by the sea. Enjoy wonderful relaxation from the bubble loungers and massage jets, and the unobstructed view through the glass panoramic roof.

In the "Palm Garden" restaurant, you will immediately stop at the confectionary counter, laden with beautiful cakes and tarts. How about an authentic Black Forest gateau? Or perhaps a fruit salad?

In the afternoon, relax in the QUELLEN DER GESUNDHEIT (sources of health). Every dip in one of the five different pools brings lasting recovery and a cure for body and soul thanks to the mineral content in the water. This includes the strong mineral combinations of lithium-calcium, zinc-selenium, and salt from the Dead Sea.

Finally, enjoy the evening at the "Palm Garden" restaurant. From colourful salads to exotic pasta dishes and Asian rice pans, the restaurant treats its guests with an array of cuisines. At the end of the day, we recommend a visit to the pool bar for cocktails.

Badeparadies Liegebereich, Titisee- Neustadt
Badeparadies Liegebereich, Titisee- Neustadt – © Badeparadies Schwarzwald

Day 3

Wellness joy at thePALAIS VITAL

Enter the PALAIS VITAL sauna world from the private carpark area directly through the exclusive foyer. Even the first impression is an experience. Arriving in the textile-free (without clothing) area, you will enjoy the large selection of pools over two levels. It is difficult to choose between the gentle bubbling of the whirlpool and the healthy "mineral pools" with a view over real palm trees.

The "Top-Taste of Paradise" restaurant spoils you with delicious cakes or a hearty sausage salad, for example. There are also light, mixed salads on the extensive menu.

The WELT DER SAUNEN (World of Saunas) not only offers a lovely sauna experience, but also a unique selection of 12 different themed saunas. Every sauna session is an individual experience. Enjoy a sauna with the gentle lapping of a waterfall, with a view of the "Black Forest Caribbean", or in the rustic atmosphere of a Black Forest cabin. It feels almost impossible to experience it all in just one visit.

The evening bathes the restaurant in a dreamy light. The inviting atmosphere makes all the dishes even more delicious. Leave nothing to be desired and let your heart decide between options including spicy spaghetti, wok dishes, or tender pork medallions.

Badeparadies Sauna, Titisee- Neustadt
Badeparadies Sauna, Titisee- Neustadt – © Badeparadies Schwarzwald